Why Pullmantur

At PULLMANTUR it is our objective that each and every single one of our passengers has a vast amount of unforgettable moments during their cruise, enjoying every moment of their vacation from beginning to end, in company of all of those who they are traveling with (their people, new friends and the crew).

Quality, All Inclusive

There is one thing that is very clear for us at PULLMANTUR and that is that all inclusive means all inclusive for everything and everyone. We were the very first cruise line to offer more than 10 years ago our All Inclusive of top brands to all of our passengers and so far it has been enjoyed by over 1.000.000 people.

On PULLMANTUR cruises the best chefs jump on board. Because we understand that the quality of a cruise ship can be enjoyed through a wonderful gastronomical offer, great ingredients and true professionals. From breakfast all the way through dinner we offer a wide variety of dishes, so that every moment is full of happiness.

But our All Inclusive goes beyond food, drinks and controlled spending. All Inclusive means relaxing, not worrying, having fun and unity. At PULLMANTUR every customer is the same, everyone has the All Inclusive plan, which creates a great environment to socialize. That's the magic of everyone having it.

This also implies having fun at all times, thanks to all those surprises that we have prepared. That is because at PULLMANTUR, All Inclusive means that the only thing you need to bring with you is the will to have a great time, we take care of the rest.


Welcome Home, Official Language on board, Spanish.

We all like to be in places where we feel comfortable and at home. That is why it is always better to travel with friends, even if you don´t know them yet. And because it seems essential that you feel comfortable on your vacation, our service on board and our activities and performances are all in Spanish.

In Pullmantur, Spanish language is much more than the official language on board: it´s our philosophy, our way of doing things. It´s fun our way, with our customs and schedules. Not only do we share a language, but we share a way of living and having fun.

Traveling with Pullmantur is feeling at home in the middle of the sea.

Welcome aboard, welcome home!


Great environment and fun for all at all times.

At PULLMANTUR we strive to provide everyone with great environment and fun.

To accomplish this, interaction between our crew and our passengers is key, which in turn creates a fun, relaxing and unique environment.

You may enjoy your time as a family or on your own. We have prepared a plan that combines family fun and unique moments for you and your significant other.

Fun for the little ones at the Tibu Club (kids 3 to 6 years of age) and the Capi Club (kids 7 to 11), cared for by our top professionals and where every day a series of activities is prepared for them.

Grownups will have a unique experience with parties, sports, amazing tours, shows and many surprises. There will always be a table available for you or a refreshing pool to make new friends. If you prefer to relax at your own pace, you will always find a nice spot.

Come and enjoy a wonderful experience full of fun for everyone and a great environment.


People like us

PULLMANTUR people make you feel good. You will be able to share with new friends, old friends and even our crew. We want you to be a part of our great family.

Pullmantur Service. A luxury

We offer the closest and kindest service thanks to a crew you will find as charming as we do. They are people who understand people; people who know what you like and how you like it. Because they know, understand and will always make sure you have everything you need.

Aside from caring, kindness and above all empathy, we are always on our toes to make sure those little details are taken care of so that they make a difference. If you get a cocktail on your first day and the next day they ask if you'd like "the usual"; you are at PULLMANTUR Cruise.

We know you like everything done to perfection. And this is what PULLMANTUR has been awarded for, the fifth year in a row with the Excellence Award for Best Crew.

Most importantly, we will always serve you with a smile on our face to draw one on yours. That is the PULLMANTUR smile.

We strive and offer ourselves completely so that you have an unforgettable experience.

Life on board


There's no reason for you to not have your favorite games while you enjoy your PULLMANTUR Cruise. It does not matter that you don't know how to play Black Jack, or how exactly Poker is played, we will teach you.  Take a chance, feel the thrill of seeing a lot of cash and winning it. You may start with American Roulette, it is easy and fun!

We also have slot machines, video poker, match-play and live sports gambling. Recreational games are also available for the younger ones. Come and try your luck at PULLMANTUR's casino.


To have a great cruise experience, you must have great food. Anyone knows that quality ingredients are the most important elements in a great meal, and that is what we do at PULMANTUR; we select the best chefs to cook on board.

It all starts with breakfast, where you may choose from a wide variety of possibilities that range from a traditional breakfast to the most demanding continental breakfast ever. This will definitely give you all the energy you need if you are taking one of our day tours.

Next, the food enjoyed at the buffet or at the a la carte restaurant. We know this is one of the most important times of the day for you and this is why you´ll always be served by the same waiter and assistant. There's nothing like the peace of mind that comes out of knowing that who serves you knows what you like and satisfies you without realizing they are doing so.

Haute Cuisine at Sea

At the end of the day, we would like to bring you more than dinner. This is the time to share your day's experiences and there is no better way to do that than enjoying dishes prepared with all the attention and finesse such an important moment deserves. You may join us for dinner starting at 19:30 hrs. In a perfect schedule for having the entire family together at the dinner table and be able to enjoy the evening's activities or you may also make your reservations for 21:45 hrs. if you wish to do so, to enjoy an evening in good company.

You may also enjoy our buffet service in a relaxed, no hurries type of environment and in a flexible schedule from 19:30 hrs. to 22:00 hrs. Spaniard gastronomy is the base for our meals and menus. Feeling at home when eating is one of the most appreciated values by our passengers.

There is always the possibility to reserve a table at our WU Restaurant Fusion & Bar Lounge (on the Empress and Sovereign cruises) to enjoy a delightful menu of dishes and wine for a real good price.

If you need a specific diet, all you would need to do is let us know at the time you make your reservation and let the maître know. We will serve you with the same enthusiasm.

*Dinner schedules indicated above may vary. However, on board personnel will let you know ahead of time.

Premium Services

To make your cruise with us even more pleasant, PULLMANTUR offers a series of options for you to enjoy:

  • Wu Fusion Restaurant (exclusive to our Empress and Sovereign cruises)
  • Premium drink service
  • Ocean Spa, hairdressing, beauty and wellness center
  • Duty Free stores
  • Shore excursions
  • Internet and wi-fi on designated areas
  • 24 hour room service
  • Baby-sitting service
  • Dry cleaning service
  • Phone calls or land messages
  • Medical services

Wu Restaurant Fusion & Lounge Bar is designed with an exclusive environment where you may enjoy amazing cocktails and taste the most exotic oriental dishes, skilfully combined with traditional European cuisine. All of this, spiced with the best lounge music, to make your evening an unforgettable one.

The cocktail menu at Wu Bar Lounge is so extensive that you may find a combination that seems completely made for you. Or perhaps you would want to venture and try a different cocktail every time.

After discovering a world of new sensations over at the Wu Bar Lounge, why not venture even further and try something new at the WU Restaurant Fusion? We will take you through the heart of Asia with our flavorful dishes from India, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, China and the Philippines. Enjoy your trip even more; expand your horizons in Wu Restaurant Fusion & Lounge Bar. We have created all of this for you so, enjoy it!

Ocean Spa

No more excuses. Our on board Ocean Spa is only a few steps from your cabin so you may come every single day and complete a treatment for stress, tension or just the mere pleasure of beauty and your well-being. You may choose from exfoliating, hydrating, relaxing, revitalizing and other treatments that appeal to your needs.

Duty Free Shopping

The commercial zone on board of a PULLMANTUR cruise deserves a shopping trip.  Our Duty Free stores offer all sorts of brand names at incredible prices. You will find here that watch that you always wanted to have, your favorite perfume, you will fall in love with that ring and those earrings or that shirt that fits you so well.

This is a great opportunity to purchase everything tax free.


All the great services offered to you by PULLMANTUR on board, can also be found outside our cruises. This makes all tours and activities associated with our cruise have the same quality of service that PULLMANTUR is well known for.

If you choose to purchase tours outside PULLMANTUR, you may do so without a problem. Our only request is that should any delay occur due to traffic, breakdowns or any other motive; you bear in mind that our departure time from port will remain the same. In such an eventuality you must assume all the extras you may incur into such as hotel, transfer to the next port, etc.

Pullmantur offers online booking service for your cruise trips.

Smiles and Games

Fun for the little ones. Every stage of being a child comes with its needs. At the Tibu Club (ages 3 to 6) and the Capi Club (ages 7 to 11), supervised by professionals; the little ones may have fun while learning at the same time while parents relax on board with all the tranquility of knowing that their kids are being well taken care of. Every day activities are scheduled like workshops, face-painting, costumes, contests, mini-clubs, kid shows and much more.

We get teenagers. We know that they need their own space for fun, that's why we have created the Teen's Club (ages 12 to 17). A program specially designed so that they enjoy the cruise their way, with different activities like Teens´Disco, C.S.I. team intrigue games, themed shows and lots more.