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Located to the south of Europe, the Adriatic Sea separates the Italic peninsula to the west, and the Balkan peninsula to the east. It's a narrow and long gulf that forms an indispensable part of the Mediterranean Sea with a width of 200 kilometers east to west and a length of 800 kilometers going north to south. In addition, it has a total area of over 160,000 square kilometers.

Sixty per cent of the Adriatic Sea bathes Italian territory. Other countries linked to it are Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro and Albania. Adriatic cruises will take you to great tourist destinations including Venice and Dubrovnik, internationally known as "the pearls of the Adriatic".

But also, around it are located another series of cities and tourist destinations of great interest. For example, Brindisi and Trieste on the Italian coast have a multitude of architectural singularities worth discovering. Then there's Zadar, a beautiful town in the north of Dalmatia (Croatia) and Kotor in Montenegro. The latter is a city impregnated with a rich tradition and history that offers incredible panoramic views.



  • Piraeus (Athens) - At Sea - Corfu - Bar - Dubrovnik - Zadar (Croatia) - Venice - Trieste
$ 459 USD

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Rondó Veneziano Cruise - Pullmantur

Rondó Veneziano

7 nights

Embark on Piraeus and Trieste.

The Adriatic Sea, synonymous with beautiful and amazing landscapes

Across the Adriatic Sea there are more than a thousand islands, of which 66 are uninhabited. These territories are usually long and narrow and rise abruptly. In their interiors are small towns and cities with a great depth of historical and cultural value as well as old architectural examples and old popular traditions.

These picturesque towns and cities are usually enveloped by an idyllic landscape. The vegetation melts into a series of coves and beautiful bays, ideal to enjoy a romantic or family holiday. Not surprisingly, the crystalline blue sea of the Adriatic is one of the most tranquil and peaceful of the Mediterranean.

Indeed, the western coast of the Adriatic tends to be quieter than the eastern coast. It's there that you will find the best beaches for families. The east coast is famous for its rugged character and crystal clear waters, perfect for a romantic getaway as you sail on cruises that move between the different islands.

The pleasure of enjoying a cruise that crosses the Adriatic is greater when we consider that many of these places can only accessed by water. Privileged virgin corners that provide a suggestive intimate contact with nature. And all away from any hint of noise while surrounded by fascinating natural scenery.

Mar Adriático - Pullmantur

Enjoy the most important enclaves of the Adriatic coast

The entertainment options while traveling on the Adriatic are many and very varied. Historic towns steeped in art, villages that invite you to relax and enjoy nature, beach tourism and gastronomy ... The Adriatic is home to some unknown places but they are of a singular beauty that will dazzle you.

In recent years the Adriatic has acquired a touristic importance out of the ordinary. Wonderful beaches, incredible landscapes and charming corners are some of the reasons for this tourist boom. To all this we must add the clarity of its waters and the customs and cultural traditions of its picturesque coastal towns.

From time immemorial, the Adriatic Sea has seduced Roman, Byzantine and Venetian sailors. From the west coast, which bathes Italy and San Marino, to the east coast with Slovenia, Croatia and Montenegro, it's a mosaic of incredible landscapes and historic places that will open before your eyes.

Enclosed among so many countries, the Adriatic Sea is a jewel in itself. Its coasts of beautiful landscapes are authentic earthly paradises. It is very possible that by visiting them you will find the most beautiful and romantic towns and cities in the world. Are you ready to discover them?

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  • Piraeus (Athens) - At Sea - Corfu - Bar - Dubrovnik - Zadar (Croatia) - Venice - Trieste
$ 459 USD



  • Trieste - Venice - Zadar (Croatia) - Dubrovnik - Bar - Corfu - At Sea - Piraeus (Athens)
$ 469 USD