All Inclusive Cruises

Every Grupo Pullmantur cruise is All Inclusive. But, what does "All Inclusive" mean? It means that all our passengers can enjoy every lunch, dinner and drinks on board without any additional charge.

On-board beverages and drinks are now our stars, and to offer All Inclusive on our cruises we have made a careful selection of brands to fulfill our passenger's expectations.

You have it all. ¿Is it not enough?

At Grupo Pullmantur we strive to offer our customers the most suitable option for each of them. Therefore, we have introduced new packs complementary to our All-Inclusive offer.

This way we give them the opportunity to choose among these varied packs:

A) Additional charge per consumption

For a very small price, you will have the chance of choosing among a wide selection of the most exclusive brands in the market.

  • For only 1€ more per consumption

    For only 1€ more per consumption, the passenger will have a more complete offer of brands.

  • For only 2€ more per consumption

    For only 2€ more per consumption, the brand selection will be even wider.

  • For only 3€ more per consumption

    All +3: luxury on board. For only 3€ additional euros, you will choose among the most exquisite brands.

B) Beverage packs: Refresh Pack and Total Pack

We offer you two different drink packs to choose from according to your taste.

  • With your Refresh Pack you will enjoy for only 5€/$* soft drinks in cans.

  • With your Total Pack For only 10€/$ you can choose any of the brands and drinks offered in our menu.

How can I purchase these packs?

You can buy your Refresh and Total packs by typing your booking reference here once you reservation is confirmed.


* Additional information:

Prices are per person and night.

Packs cannot be purchased by days. They are personal and non-transferable.

The Premium Pack can be purchased on board, through our call center, our authorised agencies or our website.

The special items (wine bottles, cava, champagne) are not included in any pack.

Packs can be purchased up to 4 days before departure.

Packs can be purchased also during the cruise up to 3 days before arrival to the final destination.

There is no penalty fee for Packs cancelled up to 4 days before departure.