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Cruises on the Caribbean

Located to the east of Central America and to the north of South America, the Caribbean Sea has always been one of the great icons of international tourism. Curiously, it is also one of the largest salty seas in the world. Its extended area is a region formed of the sea itself with coasts and islands surrounded by it.

More than 12 million tourists visit this region every year. The cruises of the Caribbean Sea are undoubtedly one of the great attractions as people flock to visit all the territories bathed by it: The Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Aruba. All the destinations within it are extremely special and offer a fascinating experience to be enjoyed.

The name of this sea comes from the Caribs, a native people who lived in the Lesser Antilles and in South America. Its limits are located in the Yucatan Channel, between the peninsula of the same name and Cuba, Paso de los Vientos - the Windward Passage - and between Cuba and the Dominican Republic, and the Lesser Antilles.

Within all this extension are more than 7,000 islands, islets and reefs, in addition to 12 continental countries and 22 island territories. A sea of turquoise blue with an average depth of 2,200 meters, it covers an area of almost three million square kilometers, making it one of the largest seas in the world.



  • Colon (Panama) - Cartagena de Indias - At Sea - Montego Bay (Jamaica) - Grand Cayman - At Sea - Puerto Limón (Costa Rica) - Colon (Panama)
$ 399 USD

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Embark on Cartagena and Colon.

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Unleash your adventurous side as you tour the standout areas of the Caribbean

The average temperature of the Caribbean Sea is 27°C or 80.6°F, which is perfect to enjoy its beaches since it does not usually vary more than 3°C throughout the year.

The peak season for travel in the Caribbean is between December and May when there are music festivals and all kinds of activities. Turquoise sea, white sands, colorful palms and a suggestive gastronomy are just some of the ingredients that await you in the Caribbean. However, this cocktail is barely a small part of what you can find. A number of adventures await as you discover a truly amazing culture along with history and art.

Each of the Caribbean islands and countries that make up the region is a treasure in itself. Most of them are easily accessible and have been for some years. You will clearly be able to see that there are cruises of the Caribbean for all tastes and budgets allowing you to enjoy each and every one of its charms.

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Enjoy the best beaches of the Caribbean

Without doubt, these are ideal peninsular islands and destinations in which to experience an unforgettable vacation. In any part of the Caribbean Sea you will find a wide range of fun possibilities: Nature, sun, paradisiacal beaches, aquatic activities, contact with wildlife and boat trips to name but a few.

One of the great attractions of this Caribbean Sea is its biodiversity. In it live manatees, green turtles, hawksbills, sharks, moray eels, dolphins, humpback whales, lobsters and many more fish and mammals. It also has a large number of species of marine plants and up to nine per cent of all the coral reefs in the world.

In addition to all these touristic gems, the Caribbean region is steeped in the joy of its people, reflected in their friendly and smiling temperament. A day of tourism in the Caribbean Sea will not disappoint.

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  • Cartagena de Indias - At Sea - Curaçao - Kralendik (Bonaire) - Aruba - At Sea - Colon (Panama) - Cartagena de Indias
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  • Cartagena de Indias - At Sea - Montego Bay (Jamaica) - Grand Cayman - At Sea - Puerto Limón (Costa Rica) - Colon (Panama) - Cartagena de Indias
$ 399 USD