This conduct policy for Pullmantur cruises (the "Conduct Policy") is intended to ensure that all passengers are able to enjoy safe and pleasurable holidays.

Bearing this in mind, Pullmantur has drawn up these basic behavioural rules which all passengers must observe both during their holidays on board a cruise ship and during transfers to and from ships, inside boarding terminals, at ports of call, and during shore excursions..

Safety and security are everyone's responsibility. Anyone becoming aware of unsafe or illegal behaviour which they believe may cause any harm whatsoever should immediately report this to the security staff and/or ship management, either through the lobby or by seeking assistance from a crew member.

This Conduct Policy is not intended to be all-inclusive or all-encompassing and it is therefore likely that issues will arise that are not specifically addressed herein, in which case passengers should get in touch with the crew and follow at all times the directions of the ship's Captain, who is the supreme authority on board and will take appropriate action to ensure the safety, security and well-being of our passengers.

In accordance with the laws and International Treaties, the Captain has fully authority to disembark anyone who behaves unlawfully on board the ship during the cruise.

Passenger conduct

I.- Passenger and crew interaction

In going about their duties on board, our crew members are friendly and helpful and will do their very best in order for passengers to fully enjoy their holidays. Passengers will show them the same consideration and respect.

Crew members are prohibited from engaging in physical relationships with passengers. They are also prohibited from socialising with passengers beyond their professional duties and are not permitted to be in the passenger staterooms other than for the performance of their duties. Passengers are expected to respect these rules, and are therefore also prohibited from engaging in physical relationships with crew members. Passengers are not allowed in any restricted area exclusively intended for crew members to use, including staterooms and facilities designed to be used by the crew only.

II.- Inappropriate, abusive or unsafe behaviour

Offensive language, inappropriate or abusive behaviour, including uninvited physical contact, and engaging in any other conduct or activity which may be deemed to be inappropriate, unsafe or illegal, are not permitted.

The use of boom boxes or loud radios is not permitted. The use of rollerblades or skates, bicycles or similar items on board is not permitted, save for mobility aids used for special needs, previously authorised by the ship's medical staff. Topless sunbathing is not permitted, other than on certain itineraries; but in that case, it will only be permitted in the purposely designated areas.

Pool, deck and theatre chairs may not be reserved.

Security instructions must be followed at all times. There will be no running, jumping or engaging in any other unsafe activity such as sitting, standing, laying or climbing on, over or across exterior or interior railings, or other protective barrier, and tampering with ship equipment, facilities or systems designed for passenger safety.

III.- Clothing and footwear

Passengers should use suitable clothing and footwear at all times. Pullmantur may establish specific dress code policies to access certain areas or carry out certain activities, which passengers will be made aware of.

IV.- Onboard passenger solicitation for commercial purposes not permitted

Soliciting for any commercial purposes is not permitted, whether or not solicitation competes with any services offered by Pullmantur.

V.- Onboard Smoking Policy

Our cruises are "non-smoking". However, we have designated certain public and private areas of the ship as "smoking areas". In any event, and for your own safety, smoking is not permitted inside staterooms, or on the interior private balconies of ships. Violation of this safety policy may be punished with a €200 fine.

Passengers must be at least 18 years old to purchase, possess or use tobacco on board.

VI.- Alcohol Policy

Consuming alcoholic beverages to excess impairs and reduces people's ability to reason and recognise and avoid potentially dangerous situations. Passengers wishing to consume alcoholic beverages shall do so responsibly. The ship's staff may refuse to serve alcoholic beverages to anyone not consuming alcohol responsibly.

The minimum drinking age for any alcoholic beverage whatsoever is 18. In this connection, each guest's age is recorded upon boarding at the beginning of the cruise holidays. A passenger coming of age on board the cruise and wishing to consume alcoholic beverages must ask the ship's records to be modified.

The ship's staff may request verification of a passenger's age to ascertain whether they may consume alcohol.

Any passenger going ashore and consuming alcohol shall be responsible for doing so wisely and ensuring that they retain their ability to recognise and avoid potentially dangerous situations when they return to the ship. Parents and guardians are reminded that they are responsible for the actions of their children and people under their control at all times.

Passengers violating alcohol policies, inter alia in relation to underage drinking, providing alcohol to minors, concealing or attempting to conceal alcoholic beverages in their luggage, when boarding or while on board the ship, engaging in alcohol drinking games, or not consuming alcoholic beverages responsibly, are liable to be disciplined under the provisions of this Conduct Policy.

VII.- Drugs or other illegal substances

No drugs or other illegal substances may be carried or taken. Drugs or illegal substances shall be confiscated and appropriate action will be taken, including removal and involvement of the appropriate authorities. In addition, passengers are advised that the foreign governments at the ports of call have strict laws on drug possession and/or use. Passengers violating those laws are liable to be arrested and prosecuted by the foreign jurisdiction, and may be prevented from re-boarding..

VIII.- Prohibited Items

Items generating heat or flames

Items generating heat or flames such as clothes irons, hotplates, candles, incense or any other item that may cause a fire may not be taken aboard. Curling irons and hair dryers are allowed.

Weapons, explosives or other dangerous items

Weapons, explosives or any other item presenting a risk to persons or property may not be taken aboard. Those items shall be confiscated by the ship's security staff and appropriate action will be taken. Items such as dive knives must be reported to the ship's personnel at the time of boarding. Those items are permitted on board, but shall be held in safe custody by the ship's security staff when not in use ashore.

IX.- Health

Passenger isolation

Any passenger experiencing symptoms of gastrointestinal illness, such as vomiting or diarrhoea or otherwise, shall advise the medical staff immediately. In addition, because some illnesses remain contagious for up to 72 hours or more after the symptoms subside, if symptoms are experienced prior to the holidays commencing, this must be reported to the ship's medical staff in order that the crew may take appropriate action to avoid contagion. In the event of a contagious illness, the crew will take appropriate action to limit its spread to other passengers, including, if necessary, the steps referred to in the "Consequences" section below. For health reasons, passengers are strongly encouraged to wash their hands with soap and hot water after using the toilet and before eating or handling food.


Because (i) the ship's medical centres may not have an adequate supply of certain medicines and (ii) certain medicines may not be available at ports of call, passengers must make sure that they take an adequate supply of any medicines they require for the entire duration of the cruise. Passengers should not carry medicines in their checked luggage to ensure they have immediate access to them if necessary.

Pregnant Womens

Pregnant women must carry with them a medical certificate proving that the passenger and the baby are in good health and that the passenger is medically fit to go on a cruise.

Because the ship is not equipped to care for deliveries, no passengers will be allowed on board who will be 24 weeks into their pregnancy or beyond on the date on which the cruise ends.

Pullmantur shall accept no liability, during or after the cruise, arising as a result of any complications or other events relating to pregnancy.

X.- Fitness to travel

Depending on their disability, disabled passengers may travel unaccompanied provided that they are self-sufficient, and they must therefore consider their needs when planning their cruise holidays. In case of doubt as to the ability to independently provide for their needs or personal hygiene, passengers are advised to take this up with their travel agents, who will provide information allowing an individualised assessment to be made of the passenger's fitness to travel without personal assistance for the duration of the cruise.

At the time of boarding, Pullmantur's personnel will assess passengers to determine whether they are fit to safely travel without assistance, and passengers may be denied boarding or removed from the ship at the next port of call.

XI.- Parental and guardian responsibility

Parents and/or guardians are responsible for the behaviour and appropriate supervision of under 18s and incompetent or other persons under their control. This obligation applies during their cruise holidays, including while on board, transfers to and from ships, inside boarding terminals, at ports of call, and during shore excursions.

This responsibility requirement shall apply at all times, regardless of whether the parents and guardians are physically in the company of the minors, incompetent or other persons under their control. Parents or guardians should not allow passengers under the age of 18 and persons under their control to leave the ship at the port of call without responsible adult supervision.

Facility Age Requirement to access the facilities
Tibuclub, Capiclub and Teensclub Ages 3 to 17, with age-specific sections
Theatre Under 16s must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
Pools, Jacuzzis Under 16s must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
Ports of call Under 18s must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
Bingo Under 18s must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
Gym 16
Adult discos 18
Casino 18

Consequences of Conduct Policy violation

(i) Intervention by security staff, management personnel or law enforcement officers;

(ii) Removal of certain on-board privileges, applying such measures as arrest, quarantine or confinement in a stateroom or detention cell;

(iii) Confiscation of illegal, contraband or prohibited items to be turned over to law enforcement authorities;

(iv) Reporting of incidents to relevant government or law enforcement authorities for appropriate legal action to be taken;

(v) Curfews on certain individuals and/or groups or all passengers if, in the Captain's judgement, that action is necessary to ensure passenger or crew safety;

(vi) Removal, disembarking at the next port, denial of boarding and/or denial of permission to board on any future Pullmantur cruise. Passengers who are removed from a ship for Conduct Policy violation shall be responsible for finding and paying for their own accommodation and transport home. Documentation requirements for re-entry into their home country will also be the responsibility of the passenger;

The Conduct Policy helps ensure that all clients enjoy a pleasurable and safe cruise experience. Pullmantur appreciates in advance your observance of the policy and hopes you will enjoy your holidays.