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The terms and conditions indicated below regulate the use of website, which in turn is owned by PULLMANTUR.

Policy Number: EA11AH1031

The party:

Pullmantur, S.A CIF A28261337. Located on, number 2 Mahonia Street, Madrid 28043.  Registered in Madrid's Merchants Registry volume 2.766 general, 9.092 of the 3rd section of the Corporation´s book, folio 1, page number 18.835, 1st registration. CICMA- 1 as a wholesaler.

Pullmantur Cruises S.L. CIF B84581701. Located on, number 2 Mahonia Street, Madrid 28043. Registered in Madrid's Merchants Registry volume 22.355 general, book O, folio 65, section 8, page number M-399166,2nd registration. CICMA-1878 as a wholesale-retailer.

From here on the above mentioned companies will be known in this document as PULLMANTUR, bearer of the website, Phone Number: 902 09 55 12, Fax 91 418 87 90, with email address

And the remaining party, the individual from here on known as the user, who will have access to the site in order to obtain information and procure the services offered through the website.

It would be good to observe that due to its geographical location, tourist legislation on this document will be dictated by Autonomous Community of Madrid, this according to the fact that the company holds all of its business in the before mentioned address.


The use of this site assumes an agreement between the user and PULLMANTUR, which implies complete and total adherence without reservation to each and every single one of the terms and conditions published by PULLMANTUR, on the existing published version and at the exact time the user enters the site.  Which is why, PULLMANTUR recommends that the user reads them each and every time he enters.

Access is strictly forbidden to underage users, reason why the user must state that he is at least 18 years of age and possesses the necessary legal capacity to acquire the services offered through the PULLMANTUR website, in conformity with all the current general terms and conditions; and furthermore that he understands completely.  In the eventuality of a minor acquiring service, PULLMANTUR will bear no responsibility on the action.  The minor's parents or legal guardians must assume any and all expenses this action may lead to.  PULLMANTUR is not to be held accountable for the veracity of the information filled out in the forms.

PULLMANTUR would like to remind those with children under their supervision that it would be their sole responsibility to determine what services and/or contents may or not be appropriate for their children.

PULLMANTUR would like to inform that there are several programs that allow you to filter and block access to certain types of contents and services.  Therefore, parents may determine what their kids have access to.

Access to certain contents through this website may be subject to certain conditions that, depending on the case substitute, complete and/or modify these general terms and conditions. Having said so, the user has to read as well the pertinent conditions.

PULLMANTUR may modify at any given moment and without previous notice the design and/or configuration of its website, along with the contents, and may also change specific terms and conditions required for the utilization of the site.


The user commits to the payment of services or products purchased through the usage of any of the following methods made available by PULLMANTUR.

Credit Card (Visa and MasterCard) or bank transfer.

The purchase of any product will only become effective once PULLMANTUR charges in full for the trip and is in possession of the funds through the card given by the user, or once the funds in cash have been received.  Until such time, the purchase may be cancelled by PULLMANTUR at any time and the user will not be able to make a claim.

Once a new reservation is done, it is implied that the user authorizes charges be made on the card provided. In case such transaction could not take place (card's denial), the user accepts that PULLMANTUR will not book the trip.

Prices on the website include dock and airport taxes unless otherwise indicated.  Prices do not include visas, entry or departure taxes of any territory being entered; those fees will be paid directly at the destination. 

Fare variations due to late payments on the reservation may have repercussions on the dock or airport taxes and those late fees may be covered by the user.



In general, users will be able to access the website for free.  However, PULLMANTUR reserves the right, in accordance to the current legislation, to limit the access to certain parts of the site.  In such cases, as a pre-requisite to access the service, the user must register providing all information requested in such a manner that the information provided is updated and real (see privacy policy).  The user is responsible for safeguarding the password granted by PULLMANTUR to access the site, avoiding the use of such by un-authorized third parties.

User accepts the financial consequences that may derive out of the use of the site by a third party with his credentials.  At the same time user compromises and declares that all information provided in order to create a reservation, are real; most importantly his email address so that notifications can reach him.

PULLMANTUR reserves the right to deny or revoke access to the site and/or to the services at any moment and without previous notice to those users that do not meet the general conditions.


PULLMANTUR reserves the right to interrupt access to its website along with all its contents at any time and without previous notice, be it for technical reasons, security, control, maintenance, power-outs or any other reason.  The aforementioned interruption may be temporary or permanent, in which case all users will be notified; this in turn may result in the loss of data already stored within the site.

In consequence, PULLMANTUR does not guarantee the reliability, availability or the continuity of the site or its contents; therefore, the usage by the user will be done at his/her own risk without any liability falling under PULLMANTUR's responsibility.

PULLMANTUR reserves the right to modify, suspend, cancel or restrict the content to the Web, links or information displayed in it without previous notice.

PULLMANTUR will not be held accountable for any losses, complaints, expenses of any kind, information acquired or accessed through the site; as a result of computer viruses, operational failures or interruptions in the service.

It is strictly forbidden to send or transmit any type of illegal content, computer viruses or messages that may affect or violate the rights of PULLMANTUR or its affiliated parties through the web.

PULLMANTUR will not be held liable for sites that the user may access through links or any content made available by third parties.  Any use of a link or access to a site is done under the user's responsibility.  PULLMANTUR does not recommend nor guarantees any information obtained through a link, nor will it be held accountable for any losses as a consequence of the misuse of a link or the information obtained through it including other links or sites, interruption of service, misuse of a link to either enter the site or access to other sites through the site.


The user commits to use the site, services, contents, and these terms and conditions in conformity with the law, observing best practices, morals and public order.  At the same time, it is demanded that the use of the before mentioned be done in a diligent and proper manner; and not to use them in any way or form that may hurt, disrupt or deteriorate the site or its services by any other user. 

Furthermore and in no extensive way, the user commits to refraining from copying, reproducing, distributing or facilitating information, data, content, messages, pictures, graphs, sketches, sound files, recordings, software and any type of material that may:

1. under any circumstance disregards or attempts against the fundamental rights and public freedoms recognized constitutionally in the international treaties and rest of the legislation.

2. incite, promote or induce to criminal, degrading, defamatory, violent actions or any other action that may be against the law and that disrupts public order.

3. incite, promote or induce to actions, attitudes or thoughts of discrimination based on sex, race, religious beliefs, age or condition. 

4. incorporate, make available or allow the access to products, elements and messages that will lead to criminal services, violent, offensive, hazardous, degrading or that in general are against the law, morals or good behavior.

5. generate deception, ambiguity, exaggerations, inaccuracies in any way that may induce to errors on to the point or the intentions of the communicator.

6. be protected by any of the intellectual property rights or industries that belong to a third party, without having the user previously obtain from its headlines the proper authorization to undertake the intended use. 

7. violate the non-disclosure agreements of third parties.

8. go against people´s honor, personal and family intimacy or self-image.

9. undermine PULLMANTUR or third parties in any way.

10. disrupt the regulations of private communications.

11. constitute, in its case, illegal, deceptive or unfair advertising that may in turn result in disloyal competition.

12. install viruses, programs and any other physical elements or electronics capable of causing any type of alteration or damage in PULLMANTUR and its affiliated third parties systems.

In conformity with the previous statement, the user agrees to use the contents made available to all users on the web, understanding that they encompass without limitation, texts, photographs, graphs, images, icons, technology, software, links and all audiovisual material along with font and graphic designs (from here on out known as the Content), in conformity with the law, present terms and conditions, any other notices, terms of use and instructions made available as well as within moral and generally accepted good customs and public order, and in particular, the user will refrain from:

a. rendering, copying, distributing, making available or in any other way communicate publicly, transform or modify the contents unless expressly authorized by the publishing party.

b. suppress, elude or manipulate the "copyright" and any identifying data attached to the contents,  as well as any technical protection devices or other information mechanisms that might be contained within the contents.


Pullmantur uses cookies to facilitate the usability of its website aiming to offer a better service and provide a better user experience. However, the user has the choice of stopping the cookies generation through the pertinent option in its browser, though the deactivation of this functionality may impede the smooth functioning of the site.

For more details, about which cookies are used and how to deactivate them, please, visit the specific policy through the following link:

In any case, any claim relating to the advertising content contained on this web site may be sent to the following e-mail address:


This website belongs to PULLMANTUR.  The intellectual property rights and rights of usage and reproduction of this website, its pages, screens, information, appearance, design along with the links established through it to visit the before mentioned companies are, unless otherwise specified, property of the company.

Every denomination, design and/or logos that appear on this site are brands that have been properly registered.  Any misuse of the before mentioned brands by any other than the title bearer may be prosecuted according to current legislation.  The rights of intellectual property and registered trademarks belonging to any third party are properly outlined and must be respected by any site user. Downloads of the content and printing and copying of the pages within the website are permitted for private and personal use only.

Transmission, reproduction, modification or deletion of information, content and warnings is strictly forbidden without obtaining previous consent by PULLMANTUR.


User agrees that all terms and conditions present will be ruled by Spanish Legislation and the Madrid Court of Law.